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Add your program to be listed on our site

You can add the program only if you are its administrator or owner.

You can also beside listing, purchase advertisements on our site. Advertise on hlstemp9.buy4script.net

Listing prices

We have 4 main listing types:

Price$15*+ $5 fee $50* + $25 fee $100* + $50 fee $* + $ fee
Forums support++++
468x60 top rotating banner for program lifetime-+++
125x125 static banner--+**+**
Ability to buy sticky listing--++
Buy Trial listingBuy Normal listingBuy Premium listingBuy Exclusive listing

* It is initial deposit amount. It will be redeposited all the time in your program. It is important part in our program ranking - higher initial deposit means higher position of program in our ranking. You can specify any amount there, but $15 for Trial listing, $50 for Normal listing, $100 for Premium listing and $ for Exclusive listing are current minimums.

Example - if you buy Exclusive listing, but want to get more exposure for your program, you can fill $200 as initial deposit amount. Then listing price will be $200 (with fee) and $200 is redeposited back in your program all the time.

** 125x125 static sidebar ad will be added for 7 days period (Premium Listing) or 14 days period (Exclusive Listing).

Payment processors currently accepted by us:
Liberty Reserve

To add your program, you must pay:

  • Listing fee - non refundable, one time fee.
  • Amount you want us to invest in your program. Amount must be not less than minimal deposit in your program. $15 is current minimum.

IMPORTANT! Please note, that you must spend amount, which allow us to be an active member in your program all the time. For example, if your program has 50/50 rule, you should spend at least 2x minimum deposit/upgrade amount in your program - we will make two spends, to be still active when our withdrawal will be pending. If your program pays after expiration this amount must be also at least 2x minimal spend.

Listing rules

  • We do not accept any type of monitor plans. We reserve rights to choose the plan we want to invest in.
  • If your program has any forced to redeposit rules or pays after deposit/upgrade expiration only, you have to pay us at least 2x minimal spend in your program.
  • If your program is based on subscription model, you must agree to renew our subscription every time for free.
  • You must threat every your member the same. If we find that you brake this rule, we are able to change your status to 'problem' or even to 'not paid', if you will not change your behavior.
  • No cheating allowed (fake votes, selective payments etc.).
  • You have to make payment using one of the processors accepted in your program.
  • We reserve rights to choose payment processor we wish to use in your program (it does not depend on processor you use to buy listing with us).
  • We reserve rights to do not list your program, without any reason. We will do it if we find your program too risky for our site visitors (for example program paying 200% return after one hour). If we decline your listing purchase, we will refund you listing price without listing fee.
  • Program will be approved and added within 24 hours, usually faster.



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